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Ping Bag White Golfwrx Lite Pockets Monsoon Specs Blue Hoofer Golf Colors Black

  • Battista Padovano
  • September 23rd, 2018
  • Bags
  • ping bag white golfwrx lite pockets monsoon specs blue hoofer golf colors black bags 2017 181

    Andrew Landry is going low early too. He’s six under through 11 and three under for the tournament. Currently T17. Lots of guys at six under right now. Stone Scott Schwartzel ZJ. And lots more guys to tee off in the next two hours. Could be a handful of 64s today.

    Tiger tees off first and overcooks it over the green on the left. Rory is safely on the green but it’s a long putt for birdie. JT finds the edge of the green right up against the first cut. Here we are at No. 6 a par 3 where there’s a holdup on the tee as they wait for the green to clear.

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    Ping Bag White Golfwrx Lite Pockets Monsoon Specs Blue Hoofer Golf Colors Black

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    Ping Bag White Golfwrx Lite Pockets Monsoon Specs Blue Hoofer Golf Colors Black

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    Ping Bag White Golfwrx Lite Pockets Monsoon Specs Blue Hoofer Golf Colors Black

    Rory hits a decent approach to the left fringe about pin high. JT hits his shot to about 20 feet from the first cut and Tiger sticks another good one to about 10 feet for birdie. Tiger goes with driver — and finds the fairway! Woo! Rory follows suit and JT finds the first cut on the right.

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