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Pockets Black White Stand Hoofer Specs Blue Ping Lite Golfwrx Golf Monsoon Bag

  • Battista Padovano
  • September 23rd, 2018
  • Bags
  • pockets black white stand hoofer specs blue ping lite golfwrx golf monsoon bag bags 2017 14

    Okay let’s take stock of the leaderboard shall we? Rickie Fowler just wrapped up a presser in which he was understandably upbeat after opening with a five-under 65. There’s nobody at four-under but there’s a whole squad at three-under: Cook Poulter Perez Day and Gay all posted rounds of 67 and three more — Cink Grace and Schniederjans — are on their 18th hole. Scores aren’t insanely low as some predicted but there are a bunch of guys in red figures.

    Fowler bogeys the first. Not the start he wanted…but hey Gary Woodland bogeyed the first Thursday. Thomas Pieters (BOMBER) joins the names near the top of the leaderboard at seven under. Fowler launched his approach long but makes a great pitch up to the hole. Will have a short par clean up from there.

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    Pockets Black White Stand Hoofer Specs Blue Ping Lite Golfwrx Golf Monsoon Bag

    blue hoofer colors stand white lite black pockets specs golfwrx bag golf ping bags 2017 14

    Pockets Black White Stand Hoofer Specs Blue Ping Lite Golfwrx Golf Monsoon Bag

    bag golf ping black colors blue monsoon lite specs hoofer stand pockets golfwrx bags 2017 14

    Pockets Black White Stand Hoofer Specs Blue Ping Lite Golfwrx Golf Monsoon Bag

    Woods pures his birdie putt into the center of the cup. Now two under for the championship. On the par-3 132-yard 3rd hole Tiger tosses in a dart to five feet. Will have that for two straight birds. Meanwhile not much else happening with the leaderboard. Fowler remains at five under just as he started.

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