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Ping Black Specs Pockets Monsoon Golf Golfwrx Colors Bag White Lite Stand Hoofer

  • Battista Padovano
  • September 23rd, 2018
  • Bags
  • ping black specs pockets monsoon golf golfwrx colors bag white lite stand hoofer bags 14 2017

    Spieth sticks his approach into the 9th green well inside of his playing partners. He’ll have a good look at another birdie from about 10 feet. It seems like the afternoon wave is starting to kick it into gear after a rough start. Birdies are dropping.

    Here’s a look at DJ’s chip-in on 6: Here comes Dustin Johnson… DJ chips in for birdie on the par-3 6th to get back to even par. Justin Rose reaches red numbers with a beautiful birdie putt at 3. Spieth taps in for par. Meanwhile 1991 champion John Daly is back to even par after a birdie at the 14th.

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    Ping Black Specs Pockets Monsoon Golf Golfwrx Colors Bag White Lite Stand Hoofer

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    Ping Black Specs Pockets Monsoon Golf Golfwrx Colors Bag White Lite Stand Hoofer

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    Ping Black Specs Pockets Monsoon Golf Golfwrx Colors Bag White Lite Stand Hoofer

    Alright next up on 62 watch is Charl Schwartzel! 7 under through 16 and playing a par 5. Kisner bogeys the 9th and Gary Woodland makes par. Woodland -10 Kisner -9 Koepka -8 DJ -7. Might be the last two tee times tomorrow.

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