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Ping Monsoon Golf Blue Stand Lite Pockets Golfwrx Black Hoofer White Colors Bag

  • Battista Padovano
  • September 23rd, 2018
  • Bags
  • ping monsoon golf blue stand lite pockets golfwrx black hoofer white colors bag bags 2017

    Jon Rahm stepped on his ball (in the rough) on the par-5 8th. That’s a penalty folks! He wasn’t thrilled that it wasn’t marked by a course marshal. It was just a bit off the fairway.

    Tiger Woods is only three weeks removed from a thrilling performance at the British Open. He will be joined by two other PGA Tour stars: Rory McIlroy and Justin Thomas. Thomas is the defending champion this week and will look to capture his second major title and second-straight win at Bellerive. McIlroy will look to get back in the major winner’s circle and put a third Wanamaker trophy on his shelf.

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    Ping Monsoon Golf Blue Stand Lite Pockets Golfwrx Black Hoofer White Colors Bag

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    Ping Monsoon Golf Blue Stand Lite Pockets Golfwrx Black Hoofer White Colors Bag

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    Ping Monsoon Golf Blue Stand Lite Pockets Golfwrx Black Hoofer White Colors Bag

    Okay folks Dylan Dethier here to take you through the next couple hours. Reporting live from the media center here at Bellerive and Tiger just hit a high soft chip from the collection area that grabbed and sat about five feet short.

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