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Black Pockets Ping Monsoon Lite Colors Stand Golfwrx Golf Blue Bag Specs Hoofer

  • Battista Padovano
  • September 23rd, 2018
  • Bags
  • black pockets ping monsoon lite colors stand golfwrx golf blue bag specs hoofer bags 2017 uk

    Spieth sticks his approach into the 9th green well inside of his playing partners. He’ll have a good look at another birdie from about 10 feet. It seems like the afternoon wave is starting to kick it into gear after a rough start. Birdies are dropping.

    Rose and Spieth find the fairway. No. 18 is a 457-yard par 4. Dogleg left. Rahm is first to play and he finds the fairway bunker on the right. Rahm drains his first birdie of the day on No. 17 to get to -3 for the tournament. Jordan converts his par putt (wow) and Rose makes his birdie to get back to -4 for the tournament.

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    Black Pockets Ping Monsoon Lite Colors Stand Golfwrx Golf Blue Bag Specs Hoofer

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    Black Pockets Ping Monsoon Lite Colors Stand Golfwrx Golf Blue Bag Specs Hoofer

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    Black Pockets Ping Monsoon Lite Colors Stand Golfwrx Golf Blue Bag Specs Hoofer

    Tiger hits a lovely shot from the bunker to give himself about six feet for par. JT is not happy with his chip but he only has maybe 8-10 feet to convert for his par. 178 left for Rory and he’s safely on the green pin high but not super close. Before him Tiger hit low shot from the left rough that ended up in the front right greenside bunker.

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