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Ping Hoofer Bag White Colors Golf Lite Stand Pockets Blue Specs Golfwrx Black

  • Battista Padovano
  • September 23rd, 2018
  • Bags
  • ping hoofer bag white colors golf lite stand pockets blue specs golfwrx black bags 181 monsoon

    JT has 226 left to the green and comes up a little short but he’s in the fairway and it’s not bad. No. 4 is a par 4 playing over 500 yards today. TW hits it a little left and JT loses his in the rough to the right. Rory smokes it right down the middle.

    No. 11 is a driveable par 4 playing 298 today — but it’s super dangerous with water in front of the green on the right side. It was the site of Tiger’s double bogey yesterday after he hit it in the water. Rose comes up just short on his birdie attempt while Rahm and Spieth have testers left for par. And they make them.

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    pockets specs golfwrx monsoon white black bag golf colors ping stand lite hoofer bags 181ping monsoon golf blue stand lite pockets golfwrx black hoofer white colors bag bags 181 specsping hoofer bag white colors golf lite stand pockets blue specs golfwrx black bags 181 monsoonblack pockets monsoon specs blue stand golf colors bag hoofer ping golfwrx white bags lite 181
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    Ping Hoofer Bag White Colors Golf Lite Stand Pockets Blue Specs Golfwrx Black

    black bag monsoon ping hoofer pockets colors lite white blue stand golfwrx golf bags 181 specs

    Ping Hoofer Bag White Colors Golf Lite Stand Pockets Blue Specs Golfwrx Black

    monsoon bag hoofer golfwrx ping black stand white blue golf pockets specs lite bags 181

    Ping Hoofer Bag White Colors Golf Lite Stand Pockets Blue Specs Golfwrx Black

    Back to our featured group. Jordan is in trouble on the par-5 17th after hitting it into the water but he almost holes his fourth shot to set up a potentially epic par from inside of five feet. Kisner and Woodland are three shots clear of the field.

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