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Black Pockets Monsoon Specs Blue Stand Golf Colors Bag Hoofer Ping Golfwrx White

  • Battista Padovano
  • September 23rd, 2018
  • Bags
  • black pockets monsoon specs blue stand golf colors bag hoofer ping golfwrx white bags 2018 2017

    GOLF mag cover boys Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka now tied at seven under. Both two back of the leaders. Another birdie for Adam Scott and he’s six under. One to play. He hasn’t made a bogey today.

    So far only two players in the afternoon wave are taking advantage of the good conditions: Jason Dufner and Y.E. Yang. Both are -2 through 3. Both are former PGA Champions.

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    Black Pockets Monsoon Specs Blue Stand Golf Colors Bag Hoofer Ping Golfwrx White

    golf specs blue colors monsoon stand white bag hoofer black lite ping pockets bags 2018 2017

    Black Pockets Monsoon Specs Blue Stand Golf Colors Bag Hoofer Ping Golfwrx White

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    Black Pockets Monsoon Specs Blue Stand Golf Colors Bag Hoofer Ping Golfwrx White

    A near miss for Rory’s birdie and Tiger follows suit coming up just short. JT also comes up short from the fringe and taps in for par. So ho-hum on No. 3 for our trio. No. 3 is playing 153 yards today. TW hits a safe shot to about pin high 20 feet from the cup. JT takes a more aggressive line and ends up just off the green on the fringe. And Rory hits a safe shot like Tiger also 20-25 feet from the hole.

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