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Bag Monsoon Ping Hoofer Golfwrx Colors Black White Blue Specs Pockets Golf Stand

  • Battista Padovano
  • September 23rd, 2018
  • Bags
  • bag monsoon ping hoofer golfwrx colors black white blue specs pockets golf stand bags 2017 uk

    Justin Rose makes a birdie at 2 he’s back to even. Spieth (+2) has to settle for par. DJ fails to birdie 5 and will remain at +1. In case you missed Tiger’s round you can read all about it here: Spieth hits a decent approach at 2. He’ll have a shot to get back one of those he lost on at the 1st.

    Kevin Kisner making a run at a Ryder Cup spot. He could auto qualify with a good week at the PGA or put himself in the hunt for a captain’s pick. After a six-under opening nine he birdies 7 and is 10 under and the solo leader.

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    Bag Monsoon Ping Hoofer Golfwrx Colors Black White Blue Specs Pockets Golf Stand

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    Bag Monsoon Ping Hoofer Golfwrx Colors Black White Blue Specs Pockets Golf Stand

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    Bag Monsoon Ping Hoofer Golfwrx Colors Black White Blue Specs Pockets Golf Stand

    JT also misses his birdie attempt. And WOW Rory horseshoes out of the hole and he can’t believe it. That was painful. Tiger hits a pretty nice putt but it’s a big slider from left to right and he ends up just short. Will be an easy tap in for par.

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