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Taylormade Staff Bag

  • Tecla Fiorentino
  • September 17th, 2018
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  • replacement staff british masters stand taylormade bag pga opener open cart panel championship bags 2018 season 2017 2016

    Welp no birdie conversions for our trio so we move on to No. 14. Hey watch out — British Open champ Francesco Molinari is having a nice start today. He’s two under through four holes to get to -4 — only three shots back of the lead.

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    Rose makes a beautiful stroke with his birdie putt at 8 and sinks it to move to -2. Rahm drops his short one to get to -1. Spieth settles for another par.

    Dustin Johnson in with a 66. He’s seven under and T3 right now three off the lead. Zach Johnson is another guy trying to lock down a Ryder Cup spot. He’s six under for the tournament and T5 right now.

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    Dustin Johnson is currently even through his first hole today so he remains at -3 — three shots back of leader Gary Woodland. Good morning! Jess Marksbury here. It’s a lovely sunny day in St. Louis and I’m looking forward to following the early action at Bellerive.

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    Championship Open Panel Staff Taylormade Masters British Pga Stand Cart Bag Replacement Season

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    Open Bag Replacement Stand Pga Season Panel British Opener Staff Masters Championship Taylormade

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    Opener Taylormade Bag Championship Season Stand Replacement Panel Staff Pga British Cart Masters

    Oh it’s that 65 by Rickie who’s been awfully quiet since his run at Augusta. As ever with Rick it’s going to be fascinating to see how he holds up in the literal and figurative heat of being in the hunt at a major. Lotsa golf to play but for now all eyes are on Le Grand Orange.

    Gallery of Taylormade Staff Bag

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