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Ping G15 Irons

  • Prisca Dellucci
  • September 21st, 2018
  • Drivers
  • specs ping iron green lofts dot loft irons offset red drivers g15 6 angles

    Rose hits a beautiful drive into the center of the fairway but Spieth and Rahm lose their drives way to the left. Tough par 4 now. No. 15 is 499 yards long. Need to hit it in the fairway to really have a chance.

    irons iron lofts loft green specs red dot ping offset drivers g15 6 anglesdot iron offset loft red green lofts angles ping irons drivers g15 6 specs

    The sheer number of red numbers on the leaderboard was a pleasant surprise. Rickie ZJ DJ JDay all in the mix on the first page. That’s all we want in a major championship isn’t it? Well that and Tiger contending. But even he isn’t so far off that it’s out of the question.

    Kyle Stanley is the only player on the course at -3 after a birdie at 1. DJ fails to make it four in a row at 9. He taps in for par to remain three shots behind Fowler at -2.

    irons angles loft lofts red green dot offset ping iron drivers g15 6 specsgreen loft dot red iron irons angles lofts offset ping drivers g15 6 specsoffset ping iron lofts angles specs green dot loft irons drivers g15 6 redirons loft red ping lofts iron specs dot angles green drivers g15 6 offset

    The biggest surprise is just how few surprises there were! The leaderboard seems to be going according to plan. The top 7 players in the world are all under par in stark contrast to the superstar carnage at the U.S. and British Opens. The best players appear to be playing the best. Bring on the weekend!

    ping irons red loft angles dot offset specs green lofts drivers g15 6 iron
    dot green offset loft iron irons red ping lofts specs drivers g15 6 angles

    Dot Green Offset Loft Iron Irons Red Ping Lofts Specs

    dot offset green angles iron loft specs irons red lofts drivers ping g15 6

    Dot Offset Green Angles Iron Loft Specs Irons Red Lofts

    iron green loft offset irons lofts red ping specs angles drivers g15 dot 6

    Iron Green Loft Offset Irons Lofts Red Ping Specs Angles

    It will favor bombers and there a lot of those. Take your pick. Rahm. DJ. Justin Thomas. Rory. Within that subset take the guy with the hottest putter which is far more variable and harder to predict. I like Tony Finau because…what’s not to like?

    Gallery of Ping G15 Irons

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