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Specs Ping Lofts Irons Loft Red Offset Dot Green Angles

  • Prisca Dellucci
  • September 21st, 2018
  • Drivers
  • specs ping lofts irons loft red offset dot green angles drivers g15 6 iron

    Gary Woodland makes it back-to-back birdies on 2 and 3 and he’s now the solo leader at 10 under. Four under through the day. Rose birdies the 2nd and he’s to four under now. Spieth and Rahm make pars on 2. Projected (early) cut is even par.

    Patrick Reed (+2) stops the bleeding with a birdie at 9. 52-year-old John Daly is off to an impressive start. He’s made one birdie and two bogeys to go +1 on his first nine.

    angles lofts specs red irons green iron loft ping dot drivers g15 6offset dot lofts green angles ping irons specs iron red drivers g15 6 loftgreen iron specs ping lofts red irons dot angles offset drivers g15 6 loft
    ping irons red loft angles dot offset specs green lofts drivers g15 6 ironlofts iron irons offset green angles loft dot ping specs drivers g15 red 6angles ping red offset green iron lofts specs dot irons drivers g15 6 loftspecs ping lofts irons loft red offset dot green angles drivers g15 6 iron
    ping specs iron lofts irons loft dot green red angles drivers g15 6
    dot iron offset loft red green lofts angles ping irons drivers g15 6

    Specs Ping Lofts Irons Loft Red Offset Dot Green Angles

    dot offset green angles iron loft specs irons red lofts drivers ping g15 6

    Specs Ping Lofts Irons Loft Red Offset Dot Green Angles

    offset angles loft dot iron red green specs lofts irons drivers ping g15 6

    Specs Ping Lofts Irons Loft Red Offset Dot Green Angles

    Gary Woodland just made a rare eagle on No. 17 to get to two under par on the day and eight under par for the tournament. He’s a co-leader now with Kisner who just made another birdie to get to five under on the day.

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