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Mcilroy Golo Tiger Rory Edition Limited Scotty Woods Putter Beach Cameron Putters Girl

  • Scolastica Lettiere
  • September 23rd, 2018
  • Drivers
  • mcilroy golo tiger rory edition limited scotty woods putter beach cameron putters girl drivers 2012 my

    If Tiger is going to get back to even-par for the day this is where he’ll want to strike. Nice tee shot down the left side at the 610-yard par-5 8th. He hit that one 312…but he’s 25 yards behind Rory.

    Brutal three-putt from Spieth at the opener. Tiger had an early double too of course but that’s a rough start. Greens aren’t getting any smoother. Cool bit from Rickie on wearing yellow in honor of the late Jarrod Lyle. The outpouring of support has been great to watch.

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    Mcilroy Golo Tiger Rory Edition Limited Scotty Woods Putter Beach Cameron Putters Girl

    limited mcilroy cameron scotty putters woods tiger rory girl edition golo putter beach drivers 2012 my

    Mcilroy Golo Tiger Rory Edition Limited Scotty Woods Putter Beach Cameron Putters Girl

    edition girl beach scotty pebble mcilroy cameron woods putters tiger rory putter limited drivers 2012 my

    Mcilroy Golo Tiger Rory Edition Limited Scotty Woods Putter Beach Cameron Putters Girl

    Tiger’s birdie never has a chance and he taps in for par. Rory putts to tap-in range for his par and JT misses his birdie attempt on the low side. Now it’s Tiger’s turn. Rickie Fowler birdied No. 7 to get to -4 with two holes to play. He’s the outright leader now with Stewart Cink hanging in at one shot back.

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